The Cabinet is the driving force behind the Administration of the Lions Clubs in our District. The cabinet is there to serve the clubs by providing resources, knowledge and experience for our Clubs. Our district is presided over by our District Governor who has two Vice District Governors who help him/her to manage the affairs of the district.

Our district is divided into Regions and Zones to make it easier for the Cabinet to manage each Region has a Region Chairman who is responsible for relaying the ideas and recommendations of cabinet to the Clubs this is done Via the Zone Chairmen who are responsible for a limited number of Clubs in their own Area.

Please see below a little bit of information about the roles mentioned above.


District Governor

The district governor (DG) is the chief administrative officer of the district and serves as the district governor team leader. The by-laws of the District Constitution and By-laws state a district governor’s responsibilities include:
  • Oversee the Global Membership Team at the district level and administer and promote membership growth and new club development.
  • Oversee the Global Leadership Team at the district level and administer and promote leadership development at the club and district levels.
  • Preside, when present, over cabinet, convention and other district meetings.
  • Promote harmony among the chartered Lions clubs.
  • Ensure that each Lions club in the district be visited by the district governor or other district officer once every year to facilitate successful administration of the club.
  • Perform such other functions and acts as shall be required of him/her by the International Board of Directors through the District Governor’s Manual and other directives.


Zone Chairperson

As zone chairperson, you are the administrative officer of the zone. You are accountable to the district governor and region chairperson (if applicable). Your primary responsibilities are to
  • Support the development of the clubs in your zone.
  • Further the purposes of the association
  • Serve as chairperson of the district governor’s advisory committee in the zone and organize the meetings of this committee
  • In coordination with the District GMT Coordinator, play an active role in membership development including extension of new clubs
  • In coordination with the District GLT Coordinator, play an active role in supporting leadership initiatives by informing Lions about leadership development opportunities at the zone, district, or multiple district level