District Governor 2018-19

Lion Pete Dilloway 

Hello and welcome to the Web Page for the Lions of the South-East of England.

Who are the Lions? Well you will find we are just ordinary people doing amazing things – or as I prefer to think extra-ordinary people doing amazing things.

There is no secret. We are people – perhaps just like you - prepared to help their community near and far; we help individuals, groups, the old, the young – simply putting a smile tomorrow where there is a tear today.

You can find out more about Lions in these pages. In the South-East we are some 1,500 people in over 60 Clubs and we do a great deal of work. The Air Ambulance in Kent, Surrey and Sussex can fly at night thanks to the Lions – the skills of the aircrew aside the equipment that allows night-time operations was provided by Lions. Is that not worthwhile?

Please look through these pages and explore the links to our international association. Having celebrated 100 years of Lions serving the community worldwide, we now move forward with enthusiasm to continue and develop our service to the communities we serve, in over 200 countries all over the world. We have a proud past and we look forward to a bright, exciting and rewarding future.

This year it is my privilege and honour to lead the Lions in South-East England. If you want to help, if you want to make a difference in your community read on. Simply contact us, there is no obligation.

To my fellow SE Lions I hope that these pages serve to provide you with all you need to continue the excellent work we do. Remember; WE SERVE

Lion Pete


If you are not a member of Lions Clubs International and are interested in finding out about what we do or are interested in joining Lions please click this link. Information on Lions, or see our Facebook site If you would like information on Lions projects and / or would like to Donate to lions please click DONATE

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